Quay and Sea Scallop Box - Small



Minimum Order Quantity4 (Multiples of 2 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)16
Size11.5 x 11.5cm

Product Description

Stock a small part of the seaside for your customers to take home. The Quay and Sea Scallop Box is a great little souvenir that is a fine addition to our rustic nauticals collection. Each one is crafted from real wood with a weathered and off-coloured appearance intended to add to the rustic charm. On top is a logo emblazoned into the wood that depicts the words “Seafood”, “Fresh” and “Delicious” written around a seashell. Inside is a hollowed-out space just perfect for storing precious knick-knacks and pieces of jewellery. Great for storing postcards, personal treasures or other keepsakes.