Lighthouse Ornament - 29cm


A beautifully crafted resin lighthouse ornament that has been designed in the shape of a sigil banner.

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Minimum Order Quantity6 (Multiples of 6 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)72

Product Description

The Lighthouse Ornament – 29cm is not what you would usually envision when you think of a lighthouse model. The top of this magnificent ornament resembles a jungle lookout, and the main body of the lighthouse has been designed to depict a sigil banner.

The appearance is worn and beaten, with the effect of peeling paintwork as a result of years of being battered by the ocean. At the bottom, you’ll find a display plate with stands that hold up the lighthouse. The plate and stand demonstrate a rusted effect which continues the sea-battered theme. This ornament is perfect for nautical enthusiasts.