Quay and Sea Boat House Chest


Crafted and painted in exquisite detail, highlighting the texture of the feathers, these owl boxes are ideal not only as ornaments, but as small storage boxes. They are ideally sized to store a wide range of small trinkets as well as rings and earrings. Call us on 01202 291122 to order today.

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Minimum Order Quantity4 (Multiples of 2 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)16
Size17 x 11cm

Product Description

Expertly crafted to the finest detail, this Quay and Sea boat house chest would be the perfect gift for anyone who adores beach life. It is small and compact, which means that it can be placed in pretty much any room of the house! The nautical blue and white colours mix seamlessly with the wooden, rustic feel. As well as being a beautiful decorative piece, it is fully functional in that it can store small items, such as jewellery and trinkets. It could also be used as a box for keepsakes and memories made during trips to the beach.