Metallic Finish Butterfly Chimes


Behold, the majesty of these beautiful Metal Finish Butterfly Chimes - a wonderful addition to any home.

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Minimum Order Quantity24 (Multiples of 24 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)384

Product Description

Whether hanging in a conservatory, in front of a bedroom or kitchen window or outside under a veranda, no home would be complete without a wind chime.

These Metallic Finish Butterfly Chimes are one of the more popular items in our lacquered items collection. Each one depicts a butterfly – one of nature’s prettiest creatures – in a variety of different colours.

Hanging underneath are 5 metallic chimes that create a relaxing sound that harmonises like a warm summer’s day. Each chime set is finished off with a decorative leaf that hangs down at the bottom.