Ceramic Beach Hut Money Box 8 x 14cm View larger

Ceramic Beach Hut Money Box


This charming ceramic beach hut money box is perfect for customers who wish to save their spare change and its holiday theme will inspire them to save for their next trip away.

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Minimum Order Quantity12 (Multiples of 5 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)48
Size8 x 14cm

Product Description

We all know saving money is easier when you have a money box to keep it in which is why this Beach Hut Money Box is a must stock item in your store. This is a product that will appeal across the market, but especially to those with an enthusiasm for nautical and holiday themed items.

These money boxes come in an assortment of 5, each one painted in a different colour from purple and blue to red, yellow, and green. Featuring a lifeguards ring on the door, this is the perfect item for customers to inspire them to save for that holiday.