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Roman Onager Pencil Sharpener


Why not add a bit of fun and history to your collection of stationary with this Roman Onager pencil sharpener. The antique-style finish makes the product stand out and pays homage to an old siege catapult used in the Roman Empire. Any history buffs who love this era would enjoy owning a sharpener with a difference.

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There are many different pieces of memorabilia and items related to the Roman Empire, and they are not limited to ornaments. Anyone who is fascinated with that era would be delighted to receive this fun and well-crafted Roman Onager pencil sharpener. The piece of antique-style stationary has been formed to replicate a small catapult that was used between the 4th century and the 6th century. The construction was used to throw stones and arrow-shaped missiles. Even though this product has a different function, it pays homage to a piece of Roman history in a fun way.