Ship in Globe with Red Satin Ribbon - 7cm View larger

Ship in Globe with Ribbon - 7cm


Bring your customers one step closer to the sea with this incredible Ship in Globe with Ribbon. This item is a unique twist on the usual ships in bottles that you often see in gift shops.

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Minimum Order Quantity36 (Multiples of 6 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)120

Product Description

Looking to stock a ship in a bottle with a twist? The twist here is that instead of a bottle you have a ship in a globe. The Ship in Globe with Ribbon measures 7cm in height and features a miniature replica of a pre-20th century British naval vessel at sea.

Each ship is contained inside a glass globe that has been sealed with cork bottle stop and finished off with a red satin ribbon. This wonderful gift or souvenir will bring your customers one step closer to the sea.