Two assorted Glass floats in Blue and Sky Blue - 10" View larger

Glass float - 25cm


Looking for a lost treasure of naval history to stick on your mantelpiece? Take a look at the Glass Float, 25cm wide, and gorgeous to behold. Once a common piece of naval equipment, this smaller replica of a glass float comes in two different colours and rope imitation. Spruce up your home with this snazzy ornament.

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Sleek, small, and beautifully designed, these 25cm wide Glass Floats are a welcome throwback to a lost piece of nautical equipment. Once used commonly for keeping fishing nets afloat, many glass floats are now lost to the sea but occasionally pop up to remind us of their elegant design and strange beauty. Now, with these gorgeous glass float ornaments, you can spruce up your mantelpiece and grow your collection. The beautiful shades of blue shine in the light as the high-quality rope imitation gives a much-needed touch of authenticity to these already great value products.