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Kneeling Mermaid - 5.5cm


Having a kneeling mermaid as part of a nautical display is a must. SDL Imports stock three beautiful figurines sized 5.5cm. They have been perfectly crafted and the finer details are something to be admired. The mythological creatures epitomise elegance and would be the ideal addition to any sea-themed display.

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Any display with a nautical theme would be complete with these kneeling mermaids. The figurines epitomise the mythological nature of the sea, with an air of elegance and poise. Made out of nautical resin, the three mermaids stand out – one sitting pretty in pink, another donned in a beautiful shade of green, and the other draped in the colour purple. Each of the ornaments are measured at 5.5cm and have been perfectly-crafted. The finer details are certainly there to be admired. With the mermaids’ hair tumbling down their shoulders, these figurines are the perfect addition to any sea-themed display.