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Are you looking for a stunning display piece to give your inventory a boost in the looks department? If you are, then you need to call the team at SDL Imports today on 01202 291 122 for brilliant rates.

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Minimum Order Quantity12 (Multiples of 4 after that)
Carton Quantity (Please contact us for carton prices)96

Product Description

Made from natural resin, which is sourced responsibly, this figurine is durable and also lightweight. This makes it perfect for displays and decoration and your customers are sure to pick up on this, so it won’t be on your shelves for long at all.

Horses are renowned throughout many cultures and usually symbolise freedom, and a balance between wisdom and power. They have been praised throughout the ages as animals of pure hearts and grace, and have been prominent in many films throughout the years.

This symbolism and pre-eminence in mainstream media will make this a very popular item.

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