Metal and Glass Seahorse Plaque - 32cm View larger

Metal and Glass Seahorse Plaque - 32cm


The Galileo Thermometer measures 44cm in height and contains water and glass bubbles. These glass bubbles react to changes in water density providing customers with accurate temperature measurements. In addition, they are also colourful to look at and will make for a pleasing addition to any desk or cabinet top.

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Are you looking for something a little different to stock in your gift shop? If you are, this metal and glass seahorse plaque is a great option for you. Measuring 32cm, this plaque has been painted in stunning, vibrant colours that will really make an impact on your customers.

With blue, turquoise, and yellow colouring, this seahorse plaque will add a nautical look to your customers’ homes. Crafted in excellent and intricate detail, from the leaves through the middle to the spines on the fins, this is a product that is sure to swim off your shelves into customers’ homes.