Prop Jet Glider


For children who enjoy letting their imaginations run wild, then this Prop Jet Glider is the perfect toy. Hours of fun can be spent in the outdoors with these small planes, which have been created as replicas from World War II. Once they've been put together, anyone who uses them can create their own scene in the sky.

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Product Description

This fantastic and fun Prop Jet Glider will encourage youngsters to put the video games aside and go back to basics. This toy is perfect for any child who likes to let their imagination run wild. With this prop jet glider, children can play outside and conjure up their own battle scene in the air. This toy allows little ones to be creative as they put the plane together in this set and from that point on, the imagination takes over. This piece is a replica of the old time planes that fought in World War II, and it includes the Thunderbolt F-47D and Hawker Hurricane MK 11C.