Nautical Themed Gift Items

If you’re looking to get your hands on some interesting nautical themed gift items, then SDL Imports have exactly what you’re looking for. We have one of the finest nautical gift collections out there. From handpicked trinkets and knick-knacks, to magnets and figurines. We have a plethora of fantastic nautical gifts for your friends and family.

Perhaps you have an uncle who is fascinated by the ocean, or maybe you have a friend who enjoys fishing. Whoever you’re buying a gift for, we have a wide range of nautical themed gift items for you to choose from.

Whatever the occasion may be, our vast number of nautical gifts can get the job done. If you need a gift, take a look at some of the different gifts that we have to offer, here at SDL Imports.

Why Use SDL Imports for Gifts

Our gifts can be used for a lot more than just gifts. They aren’t designed with one specific type of person in mind and in fact, they can be gifted to anyone.

One key thing about the nautical theme is that no matter what sort of décor you have, nautical themed items will fit right in. Furthermore, the products which we have to offer are made professionally and with the customer in mind. We assure you that they will last you a long time. When ordering an SDL Import product, you know that you will be getting a trustworthy and reliable service.

After experiencing SDL Imports for yourself, you’ll realise that from the get-go, you will be receiving a trustworthy and reliable service which you can depend on. For that reason alone, there are so many gift shops which have chosen SDL Imports as their primary nautical themed gift items source. They expect only the best products and that is exactly what we provide them with. For over three generations, we have provided a top-notch service and have earned the respect that the industry has for us.

Some Nautical Themed Gift Ideas Nautical Themed Gift Items

SS Great Britain. The SS Great Britain was the first ship to combine an iron hull with a propeller. This delicate handmade wooden model sits at 20cm long, 18cm tall, and is a call back to old English vessels.

Sailor Keyring. These small keyrings can be gifted to those who have empty keychains.

Paddle Steamer. This steam powered ship model pays homage to a simpler time, where new steam powered technology had only recently been discovered and was quickly taken to the sea.

Wooden Lighthouses. Our wooden lighthouses come in a variation of different colours and styles.

Titanic. This 30cm long Titanic model allows for you to see the “unsinkable ship” in all of its glory.

Trawler Magnet. These lengthy magnets make for a great addition to fridges, microwaves, and anywhere that they’ll stick to!

Mayflower. This huge ship model accurately depicts the ship that once brought the pilgrims across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

Pirate Skull Money Box. For gifts which are targeted at the younger generations; this is perfect.

Shells in a Net Bag. For coffee tables which are missing something, or bathrooms which need an ornament to bring it to life, these shells will get the job done.

Wooden Ship in a Bottle. A classic gift and one which you simply can’t go wrong with.

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