Nautical Accessories Wholesale

Are you a shop owner looking to supply nautical wholesale accessories? Look no further than SDL Imports as we carry an incredible range of nautical themed items that will make a perfect addition to any home. From model ships to ornamental figurines, our nautical accessories wholesale company has something for everyone.

The best choice for wholesale nautical accessories

At SDL Imports, we pride ourselves on being the number one choice for wholesale nautical accessories across the UK. Whether you own a small independent shop or a nationwide chain, we can supply all your needs thanks to our wide range of products. With more than 60 years of experience to call upon, our nautical accessories wholesale company is committed to providing the best quality around.

Purchase your accessories from SDL Imports nautical accessories wholesale

Discover for yourself what SDL Imports has to offer. Read on below to find out more about our wide range of nautical wholesale accessories:

Nautical Resin

From keyrings to sitting sailor figurines, SDL Imports sports the finest selection of nautical resin anywhere in the world. Our lovingly crafted wholesale nautical accessories are made to the highest standards using the best quality resin. For anyone looking to stock high-quality nautical accessories wholesale resin, SDL Imports are the company for you.

Wooden Yachts

Here at SDL Imports, our range of wooden yachts are guaranteed to make a fantastic addition to your customer’s mantelpiece. From modestly sized boats to yachts of a grand design, you’ll appreciate the quality craftsmanship that goes into each of our wholesale nautical accessories. Below are just a few examples of the wooden yachts that we supply:

  •          Sail Boat with Oars
  •          Traditional Yacht
  •          Flattie
  •          Small Britannia
  •          J-Class Enterprise

Model Ships

Whether it’s a quaint little fishing boat or a majestic ship taken straight from the history books, our nautical accessories wholesale model vessels are sure to please. Designed to reflect the real thing, the details are exquisite and the quality of finish, first-class. From a Mini Trawler with hanging nets to the HMS Warrior, you won’t find a better selection of nautical wholesale accessories anywhere else.

Wholesale Nauticals

Give your customers the opportunity to brighten up their home or workspace with a unique nautical souvenir. Our wide range of nautical wholesale accessories features diverse styles, for instance, rustic, and includes many items such as:

  •          Lighthouse cupboards
  •          Wooden seagulls
  •          Rustic blue and white beach hut money box
  •          Rustic blue and white metal fish

nautical accessories wholesale

Nautical Magnets

Let’s face it; a sparsely decorated fridge is hardly that exciting. Our range of nautical magnets is guaranteed to change all that by allowing your customers to personalise their fridge with an assortment of nautical accessories wholesale magnets. From seahorses and beach huts to multi-coloured fish heads and Puffins, our products are perfect for fridges or any other suitable surface.

Find out more about our nautical accessories wholesale services by calling our team today. We will use our extensive skills and knowledge to answer any questions that you might have.

Why choose our nautical accessories wholesale supplier

What is it that makes SDL Imports the best choice for wholesale nautical accessories? Without a doubt, it’s the commitment that our family-run company has towards each of our customers. Founded in 1956 by Keith Turner, we have continued to go from strength-to-strength and today are widely regarded as the most trusted supplier of nautical wholesale accessories around.

At SDL Imports, our long-established company is dedicated to providing the best service, the finest products and the most competitive prices. Thanks to our acquisition of Bounty Arts and Planaship, our range of wholesale nautical accessories is the largest on the market. We produce many of our products in-house and source the remainder from one of our trusted suppliers. This enables us to maintain optimal quality control at all times.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one service to keep your store stocked with the best nautical wholesale accessories, you need SDL Imports.


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