Nautical Giftware

Are you looking for mainstream nautical giftware? SDL Imports is a family business with years of experience supplying unique trade giftware and toys to big commercial players in the industry. As a leading import company, SDL Imports provide a wide range of wholesale gifts to businesses internationally.

Why you should choose our nautical giftware

Out of all our lines, nautical giftware has been a popular theme when it comes to the wholesale gifts we have on offer. Its high demand demonstrates how nautical themes are in fashion all year round. If you are looking for seaside tourist products then our nautical giftware is perfect for customers looking to add that little extra to nautical-themed rooms. Choose from a range of our nautical products including:

Nautical ResinWooden Ships

At SDL Imports, we provide resin giftware in decorative nautical styles. Our collections of dolphin resin are much-desired ornaments for the home and are perfect giftware that will add interest to any room. 

Wooden Yachts  

Sleek designs and classically styled wooden yachts are a chic addition to any room and would be very popular with customers who desire modern and sophisticated ornaments in their home.


Magnets are a perfect way to spice up any fridge. Our nautical themed magnets come in a variety of designs. We deliver batches of magnetic lighthouses, seagulls, and brightly coloured boat designs that are irresistible to customers.

Historical shipsNautical Gifts

Detailed miniature designs of famous historical ships are very popular for those looking to take back a treasured holiday memory. From the classic HMS Victory to the fated Titanic, customers would be able to take home a perfect replica of these historical ships, right down to the sails. These classic ships of history come in a collection of sizes to suit any room.

Fishing boats and more

From beach hut frames to wall hooks, at SDL Imports you can choose from a variety of products that indulge in the nautical theme. Our rustic nautical range is a fashionable addition to any home. Quirky fishing boats and ornamental lighthouses are carefully designed to add that interesting decorative feature.

Why choose SDL Import for your nautical giftware?

At SDL Imports, we can guarantee efficient transactions of your ordered trade. We have a dedicated team who provide excellent and prompt delivery service. Our warehouse team keep orders running smoothly so you can be sure your ordered deliveries will arrive on time. Our reliable package team will ensure all deliveries are carefully wrapped to guarantee minimum damage to the products.

What you can expect from SDL Imports:

  •          Competitive prices
  •          Long-running with over 30 years of experience
  •          Worldwide sourced goods and materials
  •          Prompt delivery service
  •          Securely packaged
  •          Clear despatch and delivery information

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