Are you searching for wholesale nautical giftware suppliers? Then contact SDL Imports today for competitive prices and competitive prices. We have a huge variety of products that are suitable for many stores.

The best range of wholesale nautical giftware

At SDL Imports, we have established a reputation as one of the best wholesale nautical giftware suppliers the country offers. We stock a full selection of goods for nautical giftware and tourist shops. If your business needs to stock up on fridge magnets or other gifts, we are the perfect place to do so.

Nautical magnets

Everyone knows that no visit is complete to a destination without investing in nautical magnets. Let your customers take a memento home with them to remember their trip. SDL Imports stocks all types of fridge magnets from boats, birds, pirates and many more! Tourists will love our range and so will you.

Rustic nauticals

We also stock rustic nauticals at our warehouse - all of which are ready for quick delivery. This range has a washed look that is reminiscent of seaside towns of yester yore and old memories. Seagulls, beach huts and anchors form a bulk part of this selection, and it has proved popular with many customers.   

Nautical products

As the leading nautical giftware wholesale suppliers, nauticals are obviously our forte. Your shop will not be complete without some of our fine products and we guarantee that they will be a hit with your customers too! We stock the following goods for wholesale selling:

  • Fishes
  • Ship in a bottle
  • Lighthouses
  • Treasure chests
  • Birds and more
  • Boats

Boats are a defining image of the British seaside and tourists love to buy products that remind them of their trip. When you choose our company as your main wholesale nautical giftware suppliers, you will have access to great products that your customers will love to buy. Historical ships are the most popular as they bring to life ships of the past such as the Titanic, Cutty Sark, Mayflower and many more ships.

Wooden yachts are an investment that are a niche buy amongst tourists, and we have a wonderful array of yachts for display in your shop. Fishing boats are equally a great memento for visitors and are a quaint but fun buy. Other boats will supplement your existing range and are great for any serious collection of boats.

Nautical resin

Our nautical resin is popular with many shops due to the quality and diversity of the products on offer. We have everything from lighthouses, seagulls, penguins, yachts and pirate inspired memorabilia. The diversity of this range, means we are the one-stop shop for many shops across the country which makes us one of the best wholesale nautical giftware suppliers.

Reasons to choose SDL Imports

At SDL Imports, our reputation as the number one wholesale nautical giftware suppliers is untouched in the country. To help make your decision that little bit easier, we have written up some reasons to choose our company underneath:

  • Competitive wholesale prices
  • We have 50 + years of experience
  • Wide range of products in stock
  • Something for every shop
  • Quality goods  

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