Nautical Gifts Wholesale

Are you looking to stock your gift shop with the finest nautical goodies? If so, you should get in touch with a nautical gifts wholesale specialist that is a cut above the rest. At SDL Imports, we recognise what makes an exceptional gift and stock a range of merchandise that is sure to please.

Our wholesale gifts for nautical retailers

There is nothing quite like a relaxing, fun-filled holiday to blow away the cobwebs and leave you feeling refreshed. Afterwards, your customers may wish to bring back a souvenir of their trip or a selection of gifts for their friends and family. At SDL Imports, we specialise in sourcing, creating and supplying wholesale gifts for nautical retailers that are perfect for just about any situation.

Nautical Giftware

What better way to recreate those fond memories of a seaside escape than with our fantastic range of wholesale nautical gifts. Each piece of our nautical giftware selection has been delicately crafted and expertly finished to convey the true wonder of a quaint little coastal town.

As one of the finest nautical gifts wholesale suppliers around, SDL Imports boasts a truly staggering selection of gifts that includes:

Historical Ships

For the history buffs out there, our wholesale gifts for nautical outlets are the perfect opportunity to own one of the many magnificent boats that have graced our history books. From the HMS Warrior and the Titanic to the HMS Victory and the Mary Rose, our extensive selection of historical ships is sure to be a hit with your customers.


Brassware ornaments make for a splendid addition to any mantelpiece or glass display cabinet. When polished to shine, these outstanding wholesale nautical gifts exude a prestigious look and feel. At SDL Imports, we can supply your shop with a diverse range of brassware keepsakes that includes:

  •          Brass clocks
  •          Globe on pedestal
  •          Handbells
  •          Ship’s bells
  •          Ship’s wheels

Ceramics, Chimes and Decorations

If you are looking to stock nautical gifts with a little more colour, our wholesale company can help. Our ceramics, chimes and decorations have been lovingly created to capture the picturesque scenery and magical sounds of the ocean. From captivating wind charms to nautical designed plates, we stock a wide variety of options to meet the commercial needs of retailers of all sizes.

Why choose SDL Imports for your nautical gifts wholesale needs?

Formed by Keith Turner in 1956, SDL Imports has, over the years, continued to go from strength to strength. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of wholesale gifts for nautical gift shops in the UK. As a family-run business, we are committed to providing practical advice to newly-formed businesses as well as unrivalled support to established outlets too.

Our popular wholesale nautical gifts service has been built on a solid foundation of delivering unbeatable quality. Many of our products are crafted in-house by our skilled team which enables us to maintain a high-standard of quality control. Any outsourced products are fabricated by highly trusted suppliers and thanks to our acquisition of Bounty Arts and Planaship; we offer the finest range of gifts and fine line drawings around.

Boasting excellent standards of workmanship and the most competitive prices around, it is little wonder that many choose SDL Imports to fulfil their nautical requirements.


Contact SDL Imports today on 01202 291122 and discover what makes us the best nautical gifts wholesale supplier around.