Wholesale Giftware Suppliers

Do you work within the tourism industry? Would you like to sell gorgeous gifts at affordable prices? Then you need to see what SDL Imports has to offer. Our company deals with in very best wholesale giftware. Suppliers of gifts, toys and hats will save themselves a fortune, by buying stock from SDL Imports.

High-quality wholesale giftware suppliers

When you are a business owner and you have a shop that sells lovely gifts, make sure you include supplies from SDL Imports. Our company specialises in the sale of beautiful giftware at incredible wholesale prices. We offer businesses the opportunity to bulk buy gorgeous stock at a competitive price, so that you make a high money profit.

At SDL Imports, our selection of giftware that is available for purchase is huge. Our warehouse has thousands of different gifts, toys, hats, and ornament options for the home; so no matter what sort of stock you sell in your shop, you will find the perfect additions with SDL Imports.

General gifts

Find quirky and fun products in our general gifts section. Among the beautiful range of merchandise that is featured on this page, one of the most popular collections is our selection of Cloisonné products. These creations look delicate and are highly detailed, but are also incredibly durable due to the metal material base.  

Some of the cloisonné animal figurines that are our company stock include puffins, tortoises, owls, swans, frogs, tigers, penguins, and elephants. So whether you want to sell exotic creatures, animals that live in snowy climates, or figures of pets at home, at SDL Imports, we feature it at superb wholesale prices.


Another of the most popular product selection that SDL Imports stocks, is our range of brassware items. Business owners around the UK love selling these items in their shops because they are very well-made, attractive and have a stylish, classic vibe. Some of the items are for practical use, some items are for decoration, but all of our brassware items are perfect for giving to your friends and family as gifts.

A selection of the oddities and novelties that make up our brassware selection include:

  •          Masthead lamp
  •          Mini tankard
  •          Ship’s wheel
  •          Brass plaques
  •          50 year brass calendar
  •          Telescope in a wooden box
  •          Captains bell

Choose SDL Imports as your wholesale giftware supplier

All of our stock is expertly designed and crafted, using high-quality materials that won’t break. Our family run company has been the leading provider of giftware in the UK for over 60 years. At SDL Imports, we pride ourselves on constantly delivering excellent customer service that adheres to family morals.

Our team always tries to stay ahead of other giftware suppliers in terms of products stocked and the quality of these manufactured goods. We do this through extensive market research, and we listen to our customers’ needs with what stock they desire. If we don’t stock an item that you really want, speak to our team and we will create the item for you in house.

Some of the other giftware stock options that we will sell at wholesale prices to your company include:

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When you’re trying to decide which wholesale giftware suppliers is the right one for you, make the best decision and choose SDL Imports. Speak to a member of our team on 01202 291122 today.