Wholesale Nautical Clothing

At SDL Imports, we sell wholesale nautical clothing and gifts to retailers and businesses in the tourist industries. We are a family business based in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, on the South Coast of England. Our company stocks the widest range of nautical clothing and nautical wares so that you can focus on your shop.

Our nautical clothing range available for wholesale

We stock an extensive range of hats and rainwear, a key item for wholesale nautical clothing sellers in the United Kingdom. We have plain and novelty cotton hats in different styles for hot and sunny days as well as winter hats and rainwear for days when the British climate is being less co-operative. There is also a selection of Caps and Bandanas that can be worn all year round in our shop.

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Other products

We also stock a wide range of nautical-related products in our shop in addition to our supply of nautical clothing. Check out our extensive range underneath:


Posters are a great gift for either adults or children, particularly as they are light and easy to carry. SDL Import sells two main ranges of posters: Planaship Posters (Local maps of shipwrecks and technical drawings of boats on vintage style sepia) and General Posters (Antique style signs on shipping themes). SDL Imports now own the Planaship brand and have the widest range available.

Why Choose SDL Imports?

In addition to seaside gifts, we also supply gifts for the home or those aimed at animal lovers. We have an extensive range of Polyresin Animals and Birds of all sizes from a cute little rabbit to a roaring tiger. There is also a selection of Zoo Soft Toys, which includes cushions and wearables as well as traditional cuddly toys.

 Household items are a good seller for many tourist shops. We also stock a good selection of brassware, as you would expect for a retailer with a boating bias, many of these items are decorative versions of ship's instruments such as a compass, telescope, ship's bell or wheel. Other household gifts on sale include fun galley cloths (tea towels to the land lubbers), timers and thermometers. This shows that it is not just nautical clothing and toys available but also other handy gift lines.

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