Nautical Collectibles

Do you want to stock the best nautical collectibles at your tourist store? We are the nautical wholesalers for you. Once you’ve seen our wide range of gifts, trinkets, and decorations, you’ll be filled with inspiration to completely update the products you have for sale.

Our selection of nautical collectibles

Whether it’s seaside animals, or lighthouse figurines, your customers will find just the right addition to their collection when you stock our products.

Resin products

Resin products are collected by many customers to remind them of time spent by the sea. Our selection of resin products features charming fisherman figures, sailors, and marine animals that your customers won’t want to go home without.


Our selection of sea vessels includes wooden yachts, historical ships, and other boats such as paddle steamers and canals. Whatever your customer may be missing from their boat collection, they are guaranteed to find it when you stock our fantastic boats.


Our brassware is extremely sought after by clients, as many customers can’t resist nautical products with an authentic antique finish. In this collection, you will find intricately designed compasses, bells, ship wheels, and other collectibles associated with life at sea.

Porcelain and ceramics

Porcelains and ceramics are a popular range of collectibles as customers like to have them displayed around the home. Our porcelain collectibles come in many styles, and continue the nautical theme with their seaside designs.

Why choose our nautical collectible service?

SDL Imports is in its third generation of management, and continues to offer some the best nautical products available on the market. Many loyal customers have used our services for well over a decade, as they know they will always receive an excellent service from our staff. We are also popular among those who are new to the industry because of the expert advice we provide.

Over the last 60 years, we have acquired a strong knowledge of the tourism industry, and know exactly what customers look for in their collectibles. This has inspired our interesting and unique figures that nautical collectors won’t be able to resist. To add to their individuality, our products are made from high-quality materials sourced from the most reputable suppliers around the world.

When you purchase nautical collectibles from SDL Imports, you will also benefit from:

  •          Prompt delivery
  •          Fast response to enquiries
  •          Competitive prices
  •          Many products designed and developed in-house
  •          Wholesale quantities available

We are taking part in nautical trade shows across the country this year, so feel free to come along if you’d like to see our products in person.

Contact us

For more information about our nautical collectibles, contact us on 01202 291122, email, or send a message via our website.