Unique Nautical Gifts

Are you looking to stock the finest nautical treasures in your gift shop? At SDL Imports we supply a huge range of unique nautical gift options that vary in style and are perfect for a coastal town gift shop. Based in sunny Bournemouth ourselves, we are passionate about supplying the best unique nautical gifts so that you can provide wonderful keepsakes for your customers.

Provide your customers with a unique nautical gift experience

Unique Nautical Gifts

Here at SDL imports, we specialise in wholesale gifts for the tourism industry. Gifts and souvenirs are a vital component of this ever-growing industry, with seaside towns today boasting row-upon-row of gift shops. Many holiday-makers want to go home with a memento of their holiday or to find a unique nautical gift for their friends or family.

So if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, our unique nautical gifts would be a perfect addition to any seaside shop. With our wide range of keepsakes and collectables that any budding sailor would enjoy, there is something for everyone whether it is the holiday-maker or local fisherman.

Here at SDL Imports, we understand how competitive the tourism industry can be. We promise to provide the finest quality products so that when you stock your shop with our wonderful array of unique nautical gifts, you can be sure you have received only the best craftsmanship at the most competitive prices.

So turn your store into a treasure trove by ordering some of our wonderful unique nautical gift collections. To learn more about each of our products, read on below.

Learn more about our fantastic nautical gifts

Discover our fine selection of unique nautical gifts perfect for your coastal gift shop. These gifts make up a large proportion of the products SDL Imports have to offer with something to suit everyone.

Nautical resin

If your customers are looking for something wonderful to adorn their mantelpiece than our nautical resin is sure to make the perfect choice for a unique nautical gift. From fisherman themed keyrings to mermaid figurines, we supply an excellent range of nautical resin figurines that are sure to please any visitor to your shop. Our colourful trinkets come in all shapes and sizes and include:

  • Sailors
  • Pirates
  • Mermaids
  • Seagulls
  • Dolphins
  • Lighthouses
  • Beach huts

These unique nautical gifts could be the perfect addition to someone’s home. Whether it’s an avid sailor or a beach-lover, our nautical gifts unique ornaments work well on mantelpieces, bedroom windows, kitchens and bathrooms that have a marine-themed decor.

Wooden yachts

For those who love sailing, our gorgeous, hand-crafted wooden yachts are an elegant and thoughtful gift that can take pride of place in any home. These unique nautical gift ideas replicate a selection of yachts including traditional and old-fashioned styles to complement any home’s décor. We also supply models which include more intricate details such as oars and bowsprits; perfect for those with a passion for yachts.

Fishing boats

What better way to encapsulate the charming appeal of a seaside town than with our range of quaint little fishing boats. As with our other boats, these have each been crafted to a high standard of quality and will look great as part of any interior décor. Whether you choose to stock our mini-trawlers with hanging nets or one of our larger boat models, your customers are sure to be thrilled when they step inside your gift shop.


Here at SDL Imports, our unique nautical gift selection includes the best selection of nauticals and rustic nauticals around. Seaside enthusiasts will be simply spoilt choice by what we have to offer. With so many styles and options to choose from, bringing a nautical theme to any home has never been easier. From ornamental seagulls sitting atop posts to lighthouses, ships inside bottles, glass boats and much more, there is something to suit all tastes.

Historical ships

To appeal to the history buffs, our unique nautical gifts service boasts a timeless collection of historical replicas including famous ships such as:

  • HMS Warrior
  • The Titanic
  • The Mayflower
  • HMS Victory
  • Cutty Sark

Our range of unique nautical gifts also supplies many other famous historic ships as well as a variety of pirate ships that would appeal to the seafaring fanatic. Every ship is lovingly crafted and retains much of the detail of the real thing. Whether your customers choose to showcase these inside of a display case or atop a wooden cabinet, this is a unique nautical gift that won’t disappoint.

Nautical magnets

Let’s face it, most fridges are rather dull to look at, but not so with our fantastic selection of nautical magnets. No matter which gift shop you step foot in, you’re bound to see an impressive array of magnets of all shapes, sizes and colours. In fact, no self-respecting gift shop would be without a generous selection of magnets, so don’t be the exception, call SDL Imports for the finest quality magnets around.

We stock all sorts of magnets from ones that portray nautical scenes to ones that read the ambient temperature in your room. All of our magnets are created in-house by our exceptionally talented team so you can be assured that you are getting the best value for money for your wholesale purchase.

As well as the unique nautical gift ideas mentioned above, at SDL Imports, we also stock an amazing assortment of ceramics, chimes, decorations and brassware for you to peruse.

Why choose SDL Imports?Unique Nautical Gifts

Since our formation in 1956, we have established a hard-earned reputation as one of the best providers of wholesale unique nautical gifts for the tourism industry. We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on providing top quality products at competitive prices. We are passionate about what we do, creating each product with care and attention. At SDL Imports, we create many of our unique nautical gifts in-house so you can be sure that you are stocking quality merchandise in your seafront store.

As a company, we are continuing to establish our presence by attending trade shows across the UK to make it easier for us to branch out to stores such as yours. Why not come and visit us and see our amazing selection of wholesale unique nautical gifts for yourself! To see what trade shows we have coming up this year, click here.

At SDL Imports, our team are confident that you won’t be disappointed in our selection of products. The list of gifts we can supply your gift shop with is endless, and your customers will be spoilt for choice when purchasing nautical gifts unique to your store. Check out what experiences our existing customers have had when working with us, here.

We are growing rapidly within the UK. In 2007, our wholesale company further established its presence in the unique nautical gifts market when we took over Bounty Arts. This has allowed us to strengthen the quality of nautical gifts unique to our range, and to continue to deliver an excellent customer service.

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"We have been dealing with SDL Imports for 17 years now. Over these years they have provided us with an excellent level of customer care. We have found them to be consistently helpful and reliable. Our orders are processed promptly and usually delivered the next day. The staff are friendly and always willing to help with any queries. They are a great company to do business with, and we highly recommend them."

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