Do you want to stock the finest collectable items in your shop? SDL Imports are a family-run business with many years of experience providing a wholesale gift suppliers UK service. We have established a well-earned reputation within the tourism industry for providing high-quality items.

The best UK wholesale gift suppliers around

At SDL Imports, we specialise in providing unique wholesale gifts to shops throughout the UK. A souvenir is a great memento for any holiday and will allow your customers to remember their trip.

As one of the leading wholesale gift suppliers in the UK, we believe that every souvenir should be special. We offer a fantastic range of carefully crafted items from nautical giftware to polyresin figurines. So whatever your customer is after they are sure to find it in your shop.

The following products are available from our wholesale gift suppliers in the UK business:

Nautical Giftware

At SDL Imports, we offer a stunning range of nautical giftware that will be perfect for any seaside shop. Our UK wholesale gift suppliers company provide the following nautically themed gifts:

  •          Fishing boats
  •          Historical ships
  •          Rustic nauticals
  •          Wooden yachts and more

Ceramic, Mobiles, Chimes, and Decorations

These items make a fantastic addition to mantle pieces and display cabinets and are highly popular with tourists. At SDL Imports, we provide the finest selection of ceramics, mobiles, chimes and decorations including porcelain and glass.

Planaship and Posters

Vintage style planaship and posters are perfect for those history enthusiasts who are looking for something unique. Each one is carefully produced so you can be sure that your customers will be both delighted and intrigued.

Our UK wholesale gift suppliers company also supplies stores with the following:

  •          Brassware
  •          Magnets
  •          Pencil sharpeners
  •          Sunhats
  •          Toys and much more

Why choose SDL Imports?

At SDL Imports, we have more than 50 years of experience with sourcing goods from around the world. We have established a well-earned reputation as a leader in the UK Nautical Giftware market for providing a wide range of interesting items to suit all preferences.

Through our acquisition of Bounty Arts and Planaship, we are capable of providing a full-range of nautical themed goods and fine-line drawings.

As the leading wholesale gift suppliers in the UK, we believe in providing high-quality merchandise at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent customer service which is delivered by our dedicated staff, many of whom having been with us for years.

If you would like to know more about our excellent range of gift items, why not come along to one of our trade shows.

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