Nautical Memorabilia

Do you cater to the tourist industry? Do you have nautical memorabilia in your store? If the answer to the second question is no, then we recommend you invest in the nautical products we have available at SDL Imports. As a wholesaler dedicated to nautical- themed accessories and gifts, we understand how essential it is that you sell these products in your commercial store.

Why invest in nautical-themed memorabilia?

With years of experience in the wholesale tourist industry, we have a first-hand account of how fast marine products fly off the shelves. Seaside memorabilia and nautical-themed goods have now become the latest ‘must-have’ accessories in the home. So if you don’t have any nautical products in your store, order them from us.

Our nautical products

Are you interested in selling nautical memorabilia in your store? Discover the range of gifts and accessories you can order from SDL Imports. Here, we have pages upon pages of products that will grab your interest. Here, are just a few of them:


Some of the simplest, but most important, items that you should stock are the magnets, keyrings and stationery of our nautical products. These are the perfect gifts for customers looking for reminders of their holiday abroad.

Home decorations

The ‘nautical’ has become one of the most popular themes in interior decoration. From the bedroom to the bathroom, nautical decorations have become not just a form of memorabilia but also another eye-catching item in the household. Our nautical decor includes:

  •          Wind chimes
  •          Ceramics
  •          Posters
  •          Canvas prints
  •          Glass decorations
  •          Brassware


For the nautical enthusiasts who know their yachts from their boats, our model ships are the ideal gift to stock in your store. If you are located near a famous dockyard, why not think about ordering some famous historic ships like the HMS Warrior or the Titanic. Or fulfil every ‘want-to-be’ millionaire with their very own luxury yacht! (Although original sizes do not apply).

Why select SDL Imports?

Supply keepsakes that everyone will treasure when you order from SDL Imports. With approximately 50 years supplying quality goods for commercial businesses, our products and deliveries are a trusted service to many tourist shops in the UK.

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Order you nautical memorabilia from SDL Imports today or for any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.