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Do you want the latest interior fashions to sell in your store? We’re a fast-track, nautical wholesaler that deliver themed accessories and gifts throughout the UK. Nautical accessories, in particular, have become a popular feature in many stores nationwide. With a growing number of customers looking for nautical accessories to buy for their home, you will benefit greatly from our supplies.

Order our nautical accessories anywhere in the UK

The nautical theme is a growing design in interior decoration. It is the perfect theme for almost any room in the home. So it’s no wonder that, today, UK nautical accessories are flying off the shelves. With our products, you will advertise a selection of nautical items that will inspire your customers to transform their home with fresh seaside scenes.


Our resin products are great for customers looking to take away memorabilia of their time on holiday. It’s for this reason that these resin accessories are ideal for those of you in the tourist industry. Decorative models, blue and white striped sculptures and model lighthouses are just some of the products you could sell in your store.

Yachts, ships and boats

Some of the most popular products in our nautical stock are the model yachts, ships and boats. In both rustic and sleek designs, these products will be sought by many boat enthusiasts and homeowners looking for that eye-catching accessory to complement the nautical style in their home.


Our nauticals will include anything from beach scene models, glass floats to bottled ships. Such products will transform any room into a scene reminiscent of those sunny beach holidays we all miss and adore. Now your customers can take that holiday feeling home with them when they buy the nautical accessories in your store.

Additional accessories

Bringing the seaside experience indoors, our accessories are perfect for styling any room in the house. Some additional products to order for your customers include:

  •          Chimes
  •          Homeware
  •          Keyrings
  •          Magnets
  •          Prints

Why you should choose SDL Imports

With so many people looking for nautical accessories for their bathroom, bedroom or even living room, you should get in the market of selling nautical accessories in your store today. As the leading wholesaler in nautical accessories, SDL Imports is the company to call. For over 50 years, we have delivered products that have benefitted stores nationwide, so why don’t you get in on the profits by working with us today?

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