UK Nautical Giftware

Do you want to attract more customers to your store or online business? UK nautical giftware is a growing and influential theme in the consumer market. So when you want to increase your profits, we recommend you order your stock through us, SDL Imports, the leading specialists in nautical wholesale gifts. 

Where can you order wholesale nautical giftware in the UK

Most of our stock is tailored towards rustic maritime giftware and household items of the tourist industry. So, if you are looking for the widest variety of wholesale nautical giftware in the UK, then SDL Imports are the wholesalers to choose. We will supply you with a range of seaside giftware including the following:


When your customers are looking for that perfect little gift, our magnets will fly off your shelves. Full of character and colour, our nautical magnets will brighten any property. Whether you are looking to cater for humour with our comical pirates or artistic taste with some beautiful seaside landscapes, we have the magnets for you.


Want to stock something special? Cloisonné items are available to order from our warehouse at SDL Imports. These beautiful, niche products will grab the attention of any shopper, and with Christmas just around the corner, Cloisonné gifts are a brilliant product for customers looking to buy that something special for their friend or loved one.

General nautical gifts

At SDL Imports, our success has only grown alongside the wide selection of nautical giftware we have available to order. Many traders look to us for their nautical stock because we are a wholesaler dedicated to providing the latest and most popular nautical giftware in the UK from:

  •          Keyrings
  •          Brassware
  •          Model yachts, ships and boats
  •          Glass decorations
  •          Planaship posters

Nautical toys

Make sure you stock nautical giftware for all ages when you order with SDL Imports. Our giftware isn’t restricted to seaside ornaments and miscellaneous objects of sea life. Instead, we take pride in supplying fun gifts and nautical games for children of all ages.

Why order from SDL Imports?

Having been in the wholesale industry for over 50 years, we know what your customers are looking for when they come to your store. In many tourist seaside resorts in the UK, nautical themed giftware is popular in demand.  With such an eclectic range of items to choose from, SDL Imports is your number one wholesaler of choice when it comes to maritime giftware.

Contact us

So, order in bulk today when you place a stock request with SDL Imports. Fill in our contact form or give us a call on 01202 291122 if you want to know more about the order processes and deliveries of your UK nautical giftware.