Resin Wholesale Gifts

Would you like to stock unique gifts in your store? Why not think of choosing something different when you order our resin wholesale gifts. As the UK’s leading resin wholesale suppliers, SDL Imports are proud to deliver bespoke resin to your store. Our resin gifts will be an attractive feature that many customers will want to buy.

Our wholesale resin giftsResin Wholesale Gifts

Whether it is for home decorations or buying a gift for a friend, our wholesale resin gifts will be a best seller in your company. At SDL Imports, we know how popular resin has become. With so many different design, themes and functions, a resin gift is something that every customer is looking for. We supply general, natural and nautical-themed resin to retailers nationwide.


Wholesale resin gifts are in high demand by customers looking for the perfect souvenir for their friend or family. If you want products like these collectibles in your store then SDL Imports are the perfect wholesalers to order from.

We know what your clients want. From home decors to fantasy favourites like fairies and dragons, these miniatures and figurines are favourites within the commercial sector.

Scroll through some of the general resin you could order from SDL Imports.


Whether it is a gift for someone you love (or even for yourself!) these resin wholesale gifts are the perfect addition to any home. These wholesale resins embody the natural world. Everybody has an animal they love and with our natural animal resin, your customers are given the chance to take home their favourite. Below are just a few products you can stock:

  •          Owl clocks
  •          Mosaic frogs
  •          Animal figurines
  •          Owl trinket pots
  •          Zoo animal carved wood effect

Choose which wholesale natural resin gifts you will order with SDL Imports.


Is your shop in a tourist seaside location? No souvenir is better than our nautical resin wholesale gifts. Many customers love to decorate their bathrooms following a nautical theme, and our nautical resins are the perfect example of the popularity resin gifts are in shops across the UK. From glitter water balls, pen figurines, hangers and signs, nautical resin is a customer favourite in the retail industry.

Join the trend in nautical gifts and stock nautical resin in your store.

Why select SDL Imports?

With fast deliveries from our warehouses, you can rely on our stock to arrive in perfect timing. Our warehouse team are instructed to ensure minimal damage comes to your orders and we ensure every delivery is securely wrapped in our secure packaging.

We are committed to delivering 100% satisfaction to customers and clients nationwide. With over 50 years experience in supplying wholesale gifts to retailers, SDL Imports are experts and understand what sells in your store.

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