Nautical gift wholesalers

If you are in the tourist industry and are based near the seaside, you will want the finest selection of nautical gifts in your shop to sell. SDL Imports has established over the past 50 years that we are the best nautical gift wholesalers in Bournemouth and England. We provide a huge selection of nautical gifts to suit the needs of our customers.

Our wholesale nautical gifts

At SDL Imports, we only sell wholesale nautical gifts from our Dorset base. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our products and services in the nautical gift industry. From famous ships, pirates, sea animals, fishes and more, SDL Imports has the best range of nautical gifts as demonstrated below:

Rustic blue and white nauticals

The rustic blue and white nauticals are a wonderful collection of sea and marina themes collectables. You can be assured that visitors to your shop will invest in our rustic blue and white nauticals products and guarantee you a great sell.

Nautical magnets

A fridge magnet is one of the best souvenirs you can stock in your tourist shop. SDL Imports will supply you with an array of nautical gifts. We have fridge magnets that depict sea life, animals, ships, pirates and many other nautical themed fridge magnets. Look at our range of nautical magnets.


For the extra special touch for your customers, nautical gifts are a popular item amongst our clients and will earn dedicated sales in your shop. We sell the following nautical gift wholesale:

  •          Lighthouses
  •          Seagulls
  •          Treasure chest and pirates
  •          Ships in a bottle and more

View our selection of nauticals today.


SDL Imports have in stock the best wholesale range of boats, historical ships, wooden yachts, ships, fishing trawlers and more in all different sizes. Boats often embody an era or country and often become prized souvenirs for many tourists due to their prestige. All of our boats are constructed out of high-quality materials.

Nautical resin

We also supply nautical resin products on a wholesale product. Our nautical resin products are made from the best materials and will provide a great memento for your customers. So why not view some of these great nautical resin products for yourself today.

Why select our wholesale nautical gifts?

By selecting SDL Imports, you will receive a superb nautical gift whole service that will exceed all of your expectations. View underneath why our company are the number one wholesalers of nautical gifts:

  •          High-quality nautical gifts
  •          50 years of experience in wholesale
  •          Competitive prices
  •          Dedicated to providing great service
  •          Products to suit every store

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