Marine gifts

Does your business need high-quality marine gifts? Choose SDL Imports today for excellent marine gifts. SDL Imports have over 50 years of experience in supplying many businesses and shops with wholesale marine gifts at competitive prices. With many years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that we will provide a thorough service for your business.

Our range of marine gifts

At SDL Imports, we have supplied many businesses in the tourist industry with the finest marine gifts. Our goods will help your business stand out in the competitive tourist industry. Listed below is our range of marine gifts:

Nautical resin

Resin figures are a great memento for customers and will embody the seaside spirit of your shop location. From memorable nautical clocks pirate resin figures, nautical resin figures are a must-have for any trip and will be a wonderful memory for your customers. 

Historical ships

Ships such as the Titanic or Mayflower are embodied in the popular conscience and are a universally popular memento for tourists and collectors. Supply your customers with detailed replicas of famous seafaring vessels like the Cutty Sark. Our historical ships are available in a variety of sizes to suit every room and customer.

Wooden yachts

SDL Imports will also supply a wide range of wooden yachts for the pleasure of your customers.  We supply a wide range of designs that will look perfect in any room.

Fishing boats and nautical accessories

Fishing boats embody the hard life at sea and symbolise seafaring locations. In our online catalogue, we stock a diverse array of fishing boats in all colours and sizes. SDL Imports also stock a selection of nautical accessories like lighthouses, birds and more; all accessories we supply will be a superb addition to any property.

Why choose SDL Imports?

If you are in the tourist industry, it is important that you ensure that your shop or business is well-stocked with items that embody the tourist spirit and act as great mementoes for tourists. By choosing SDL imports, you will have access to an enviable selection of goods.

We have listed the benefits of selecting our company for your marine gift needs below:

  •          50 years of experience
  •          High-quality marine gifts
  •          Huge stock
  •          Competitive prices on all gifts
  •          Secure packaging

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