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Are you searching for the best nautical wholesalers? If so, give S.D.L. Imports a call today on 01202 291122 and discover our incredible range of wholesale nautical gift ideas. With a wide assortment of products from ornate figurines to model boats, there is something for everyone. Be a hit with your customers when you stock the finest souvenirs around.

The number one choice for nautical wholesalers

Whether you’re planning on opening a new gift shop or looking to switch suppliers, you need the best nautical wholesalers the industry has to offer. Here at S.D.L. Imports, we have for many years supplied shops up and down the country with high-quality products to sell in store. From magnets and keychains to wind chimes and ship’s bells, whatever you need for your shop we can help.

You can learn more about our nautical wholesalers by reading through the rest of this article or by contacting our team directly.

What can S.D.L. Imports do for you?

We wouldn’t be the best nautical wholesalers if we ignored our customer’s wishes. From the moment you contact us, we’ll try to be a helpful and as accommodating as possible to ensure that your product needs are met. For instance, if you’d like to set up a repeat order with us, our nautical wholesalers will be happy to oblige and will make the process as stress-free as possible.

Purchasing our products couldn’t be easier as the best nautical wholesalers at S.D.L. Imports are able to facilitate all transactions online. All you need to do is create an account, log in and make your selections. Checkout is quick and easy, and we accept all major forms of payment. All orders placed with our nautical wholesalers will be packaged and dispatched quickly so you can be confident that your store will always be fully stocked.

Take a look at our fantastic selection of nautical gifts

As the best nautical wholesalers, we boast a truly magnificent range of nautical gifts and souvenirs; you can read more about each of these below.

Nautical Resin Nautical Items Wholesale

Hark back to a time of quaint fishing villages and wooden trawlers with our wonderful range of nautical resin products. Our nautical wholesalers supply resin gifts in all manner of forms from Sailor Keyrings to Resin Fishing Boats and Dolphin Clocks. With more than 100 items to choose from, your customers won’t be short on options when they visit your seaside store.

Wooden Yachts 

When you choose the best nautical wholesalers, you’ll discover our amazing selection of wooden yachts. From traditional and open designs to Lulworth style yachts, these models are sure to be a hit with nautical enthusiasts and casual customers alike.

Historical Ships

Nothing looks grander than the sight of a beautifully recreated historical ship, with its like-for-like accuracy and larger than life profile. Expertly created by our talented in-house team, these ships boast the sort of exquisite aesthetics that will transform any mantelpiece. At S.D.L. Imports, our nautical wholesalers stock a wide range of historical ships including:

  •          H.M.S. Victory
  •          Cutty Sark
  •          Pirate Ship
  •          Discovery
  •          Mayflower

Fishing Boats

Recreate fond memories of a seaside escape with a miniature version of a quaint little fishing vessel. From Flat Bottom Trawlers to Blue Fishing Boats, these boats will allow your customers to bring home those fond memories at the end of their holiday. Plus, as the best nautical wholesalers, we also stock a wide selection of general boats in a myriad of colourful designs including Canal Boats and Mini Yachts with Painted Sails.

Nauticals and Rustic Nauticals

Your customers can now brighten up their homes with one of our charming regular or rustic nauticals. Featuring an assortment of tealights, napkin rings, money boxes and more, each gorgeously designed with a nautical theme in mind. Whatever you desire for your souvenir shop, our nautical wholesalers have you covered.

Nautical Magnets

The fridge can often look dull and uninspiring, but with a few of the wonderful nautical magnets supplied by S.D.L. Imports, your customer’s fridge will look fun and inspiring. Call the best nautical wholesalers, and you’ll quickly see why we’re the number one choice for nautical magnets. As an impulse purchase at the till or a way to draw customers into your store, our magnets are sure to drum up sales.


Perfect for traditionally styled homes, the brassware supplied by our nautical wholesalers is guaranteed to add style and sophistication to any display cabinet or mantelpiece. Each one is polished to a fantastic finish and will recreate an olde-worlde feeling that will capture the very magic of the ocean. Among the selection of brassware supplied by S.D.L. Imports are items such as:

  •          Wooden Compasses
  •          Brass Plaques
  •          Brass Sextants
  •          Calendar Paperweights

To see more of our brassware selection, click here.

Ceramics, Chimes & Decorations Nautical Items Wholesale

From decorating a conservatory to brightening up a bedroom or dining room, our ceramics, chimes and decorations are perfect for any home. Nothing is more relaxing than the peaceful sounds of a metal wind chime on a warm summer’s day or a colourful Suncatcher hanging in the garden.

So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for your seaside store give our nautical wholesalers a call now.

What makes us the best nautical wholesalers in the UK?

If you’re looking for the very best nautical wholesalers, there is only one name that you need to remember – S.D.L. Imports. Established in 1956, our long-established family-run company is committed to providing the very best products for gift shops up and down the country. We carefully source many of our products from trusted suppliers around the world.

Plus, we also design and manufacture many products in-house so you can be confident that whatever we supply is made of the highest quality. As the best nautical wholesalers, we have expanded the range of products that we offer through the acquisition of Bounty Arts and Planaship. We are now one of the leading suppliers of fine line drawings and shipwreck maps in the UK.

If you’re searching for top quality products, first-class customer service and the most competitive prices around, look no further than S.D.L. Imports.


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