A Full Container Is Coming

Published : 12/05/2021 10:45:57
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Slow Boats from China

Many of our customers have been asking when our glass floats will be back in stock. We are delighted to let you know that our container with the glass floatswooden boats and seaside scenes is due to be delivered to us…… very soon!?! We have been advised they will be with us next week but between the dock congestion here and abroad plus ever-changing shipping schedules, it could still be a moveable feast! 

This year importing has been a bit like knocking your head against a brick wall! The freight rates have gone through the roof, then actually getting space to book on a ship is a bit like winning the lottery! Then when you’re celebrating the win, the prize can be snatched away last minute when the shipping line decides to exclude your port from their sailing schedule for the ship you’ve booked space on! Then it’s back to square one trying to find a vessel with space.

It, therefore, seems like a small miracle that this container shipped mid-March will - ok may - actually arrive in time for half term. We’re keeping everything crossed.

We have further containers on the water due later this month but it’s a little soon to advise when they will actually arrive.

With hotels and museums etc opening shortly, the season is about to take off!

If you would like to place an order for any of our products, we should be only too happy to discuss your requirements.

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